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Morreys (Holmes Chapel) Ltd

Mixed Tray - Picture Hanging Kit

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Brass plated picture plates, hangers, D-rings, picture nails, sawtooth brackets and hooks. Nylon line and steel hanging wire included.

Nylon Rope: 3m (Qty 1)
Steel Wire: 3m (Qty 1)
Plastic Hangers White: 31 x 16mm (Qty 6)
Picture Plates: 38 x 38mm (Qty 6)
Picture Nails Brass: 1.60 x 30 (Qty 80)
D-Rings Electro Brass: 10mm (Qty 6)
15mm (Qty 4)
Single Picture Hooks Electro Brass: 25 x 5mm (Qty 25)
36 x 6mm (Qty 20)
Double Picture Hooks Electro Brass: 25 x 32mm (Qty 10)
Sawtooth Hangers Electro Brass: 42mm (Qty 2)
Round Cup Hooks Electro Brass: 37mm (Qty 6)
49mm (Qty 12)